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This is why you should choose linen every time

Originating more than thirty-six thousand years ago, linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. It is 100% natural and its unique sustainable qualities make it especially suitable in these times when Mother Earth needs us as much as we need her.

If there is one fabric that is truly global, it is linen. The advantages of using linen are numerous, which ensure that it holds a place of prominence with designers all over the world.

Production of linen is an environment-friendly process. Linen is created from flax fibers. The cultivation and transformation of the fibers to linen requires less irrigation, pesticides and energy.

While linen has been around for thousands of years, researchers are discovering its benefits even today. It is all-natural, incredibly soft, and truly kind on the skin with no side effects or reactions at all.

Compared with cotton, linen is considered ‘greener’ as its production requires less resources than that of cotton.

By its very nature, linen is hypoallergenic. Thus, it is easy to avoid any common allergic reactions that synthetic fabrics may cause by just shifting to linen.

Not only is it hypoallergenic, but linen is 100% natural and completely antibacterial, making it one of the safest and purest fabrics of the world.

Linen is so soft and good for your skin that early Egyptians used it as bandages.

Linen is a thermo-regulating fabric: When it’s cold, linen protects you with its insulating properties; when it’s hot, it stays cool and breathable.

Studies have shown that linen protects against solar radiation and reduces gamma radiation by nearly half.

According to research, wearing linen can reduce sweating by 1.5 times when compared to cotton and over 2 times when compared to synthetic fibers. It is a naturally breathable fabric which offers superior comfort.

Linen has hygroscopic properties. This means it absorbs and releases moisture very quickly. This makes it excellent for use in hot and humid climates.

Linen is three times stronger than both cotton and wool, making it one of the strongest natural fabrics.

Linen is also a lot like good wine – it gets better with age. With a life lasting 12 times longer than cotton, linen makes for the perfect fabric to be passed down generations.